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The Company has been in business since 1981, growing native trees and shrubs from seed, as well as planting woodlands and hedgerows throughout eastern England.

As from 1 July 2004 Aveland Trees changed from being a partnership to a limited company. We now trade as Aveland Trees Ltd.

Aveland Trees is based in the village of Dunsby, approximately 5 miles North of Bourne in South Lincolnshire.

To find out more about the tree nursery and the products which we offer please click on Tree Nursery. For information about our tree and hedge planting services, including maintenance and aftercare, please click on Woodland and Hedgerow Planting. For management of woodlands over 20 years old please click on Management of Young Woodlands.

For advice on all matters relating to woodland planting and management or for tree health and safety surveys, e-mail hugh@avelandtrees.co.uk

Privet Hawkmoth at Aveland Trees

Privet Hawkmoth at Aveland Trees




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Thinning by Girdling

September 27th, 2014

Trees can be quickly ring-barked by holding a chainsaw against the tree at waist height and cutting through the bark as you walk around the tree. Often, simple ring-barking is not enough to kill the tree so a suitable herbicide should be applied by brush to the cut all around the tree. When trees are […]