Established in 1981, Aveland Trees specialises in growing native trees and shrubs from seed, as well as woodland and hedgerow planting throughout Eastern England.


We are based in the village of Dunsby,
5 miles North of Bourne, Lincolnshire.

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Woodland and Hedgerow Planting Woodland and Hedgerow Planting

Aveland Trees has been successfully planting woods and hedges for over 30 years. The planting season runs from the beginning of November through to the end of March. Woodland Planting Choice of species, density of planting and planting patterns are all critical decisions to be made that will have a lasting influence on the management […]

Woodland Management Woodland Management

Newly planted woodlands need to be cared for by weeding for the first 2 or 3 years but once the young trees are established and growing well they can be left alone for 20 years or so until they have formed a canopy dense enough to shade out most of the ground vegetation. This is […]

The Nursery The Nursery

Aveland Trees grows native trees and shrubs from seed that we collect ourselves. Excess seed (Hawthorn and Blackthorn in particular) is grown on contract for us by other British nurseries. This way Aveland Trees controls the seed source of its plants while benefiting from the economies of scale and excellent growing conditions of the larger […]

From the Blog

The Wintercrack Plum

The Wintercrack Plum, Prunus insititia, is often considered a native shrub to Britain. It grows readily from seed to produce a suckering bush similar to Blackthorn, Prunus spinosa, but without the spines and with an edible fruit. Wintercrack grown from seed has the natural variability of any species so it should not be planted as […]

Thinning by Girdling

Trees can be quickly ring-barked by holding a chainsaw against the tree at waist height and cutting through the bark as you walk around the tree. Often, simple ring-barking is not enough to kill the tree so a suitable herbicide should be applied by brush to the cut all around the tree. When trees are […]

Why Should I Thin Young Woodlands?

Broadleaved trees are typically planted as 40-60cm plants at 2.5-3.0m spacing. That gives a density of 1100 to 1600 trees per hectare. A mature wood of large trees may have a density of just 200-300 trees per hectare and still have a complete canopy of leaves. The process of selecting these final trees and eliminating […]