Aveland Trees grows native trees and shrubs from seed that we collect ourselves. Excess seed (Hawthorn and Blackthorn in particular) is grown on contract for us by other British nurseries. This way Aveland Trees controls the seed source of its plants while benefiting from the economies of scale and excellent growing conditions of the larger nurseries.

We also have a range of trees and shrubs suitable for landscaping. To complement the plants, we also stock a range of tree planting accessories; spiral guards, canes, tree shelters, stakes etc.

For full details of the current season growing stock and prices please email hugh@avelandtrees.co.uk

Orders for plants and accessories can be collected from the nursery or delivered by us. For more distant customers we use a national carrier.

The nursery is normally open Monday to Friday during the planting season (October to March). At other times of the year please phone first.

If you would like Aveland Trees to do the planting as well as the supply of plants please click on Contract Planting.

Seed collection 2013

Seed Collections

collecting pears

Collecting Pears

Seedling beds

Seedling beds

Tray grown Oak

Tray grown Oak