Aveland Trees grows native trees and shrubs from seed that we collect ourselves. We collect large quantities of hawthorn berries (haws) each year which are sold to other British nurseries, we then buy back the hawthorn as one or two year plants.  This way Aveland Trees controls the seed source of its plants while benefiting from the economies of scale and excellent growing conditions of the larger nurseries. Many of the commoner trees and shrubs are also bought from other British nurseries but there are several specialities that we grow ourselves:

Oaks. Pedunculate and Sessile Oaks are grown in compost filled trays to produce excellent plants 40-60cm and 60-90cm after just one year’s growth. The oaks so produced are perfectly straight and have a mass of fibrous roots (see photo below). This is in contrast to field grown oaks which struggle to reach 30-50cm in their first year and have a tap root with little in the way of fibrous growth. The tray grown oaks are easy to plant because of their compact root system. Once planted they put down a tap root and get away very quickly. In 2017 we have grown Pedunculate Oak from Grimsthorpe Park and Sessile Oak from a site in Leicestershire.

Wild Service Tree. We have several seed sources for Wild Service, Sorbus torminalis, in the local woods. It is a difficult tree to grow because it has very fine roots that do not like to be disturbed. For this reason we grow it for one year in a seed bed then pot it up into a 9cm pot to grow on for another year. Plant it in a sheltered position.

In Autumn 2015 we made an excellent collection of Wild Service seed locally. We now (2017) have good stocks of stocky 40-60cm plants in 9cm pots and larger plants (80-120cm) in 2 and 3 litre pots.

Elms. Most years, including 2017,we are able to collect Wych Elm, Ulmus glabra, seed in May. This year we have grown them in seed beds and can offer  20-40cm seedlings as well as larger 2 year plants. We have found a new source for Smooth-leaved Elm, Ulmus minor, in Cambridgeshire. We have grown these in 9cm pots to make 30-50cm plants. We also still have a few 2 year plants available. It is very worthwhile to plant a few of these in any new woodland as they sucker very readily (unlike U. glabra) and soon form a thicket of straight stems.

Midland Hawthorn. There are 2 species of hawthorn native to Britain – the Common Hawthorn, Crataegus monogyna, which is grown by the million and planted as hedges everywhere and the Midland Hawthorn, Crataegus laevigata which is scarcely planted at all. This is a shame because the two species are distinct and grow in quite different habitats. C. monogyna, which I prefer to call Field Hawthorn, is for planting in countryside hedgerows while C. laevigata, which I prefer to call Wood Hawthorn, is characteristic of Ancient Semi-Natural Woodlands throughout lowland Britain and should be planted as a component of the understorey in all new woodland planting. Fortunately it is quite common around my nursery and we are able to collect a large quantity of seed each year. Unfortunately, it did not grow at all well this year so we will be keeping them over to sell as 2 year seedlings next year.

Bullace or Wintercrack Plum. This possibly native shrub with edible fruits should be much more widely planted. See our blog here


We also have a range of trees and shrubs suitable for landscaping. To complement the plants, we also stock a range of tree planting accessories; spiral guards, canes, tree shelters, stakes etc.

For full details of the current season growing stock and prices please email hugh@avelandtrees.co.uk

Orders for plants and accessories can be collected from the nursery or delivered by us. For more distant customers we use a national carrier.

The nursery is normally open Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm during the planting season (October to March). At other times of the year please phone first.

If you would like Aveland Trees to do the planting as well as the supply of plants please click on Woodland and Hedgerow Planting.

Seed collection 2013

Seed Collections

collecting pears

Collecting Pears

Seedling beds

Seedling beds

Tray grown Oak

Tray grown Oak