The basis of the nursery is a large scale seed collecting program which starts each year in May with Goat Willow and Wych Elm, then there is a lull until the peak hedgerow picking months of August and September, finishing with Oak and Ash in October and November. The object is to collect seed from as wide a range as possible of all the trees and shrubs to be found growing naturally in eastern England or, to be more precise, from the Forestry Commission’s Zone of Provenance 402.

Most seed is sown in the open ground although some of the slower growing species such as Oak and Holly are grown under plastic.

As the volume of business has expanded in recent years it has become increasingly difficult to grow all the seed ourselves, so a lot of the shrub species (Hawthorn and Blackthorn particularly) are grown on contract for us by other nurseries. This way Aveland Trees controls the seed source of its plants while benefiting from the economies of scale and excellent growing conditions of the larger nurseries.

To complement the plants, we also stock a range of tree planting accessories; spiral guards, canes, tree shelters, stakes etc. Details of these can be found in our catalogue which is published each year in the Autumn.

Orders for plants and accessories can be collected from the nursery or delivered by us. For more distant customers we use a national carrier.

The nursery is normally open Monday to Friday during the planting season (October to March). At other times of the year please phone first to check that someone is about.

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