Nursery Wood

Nursery Wood is 1.1 hectares in size. It was planted in 2008, next to my tree nursery that grows native trees and shrubs, to demonstrate best practice in the establishment of multi purpose broadleaved woodland.

Grey Squirrels in Young Woodlands

The damage that grey squirrels can do to young trees has been widely documented and the different methods of control (principally shooting and trapping) have also been discussed. My observations in a small mixed woodland point to a silvicultural solution to the problems of squirrel damage to young trees. Nursery Wood was planted in 2008 […]

Thinning by Girdling

Trees can be quickly ring-barked by holding a chainsaw against the tree at waist height and cutting through the bark as you walk around the tree

Why Should I Thin Young Woodlands?

If a young wood was left unthinned the first trees to be crowded out would be the slower growing species such as Oak. Other trees would grow tall but spindly as they competed for the available sunlight.

Ring Barking and Felling Licences

The Forestry Act of 1967 allows up to 5 cubic metres of timber to be felled in each calendar quarter without a licence,. In addition dead trees do not require a licence to be felled at all.

Management of Young Woodlands

Many new broad-leaved woodlands have been planted over the past thirty years with financial help from a variety of Forestry Commission grant schemes.