Why Should I Thin Young Woodlands?

Broadleaved trees are typically planted as 40-60cm plants at 2.5-3.0m spacing. That gives a density of 1100 to 1600 trees per hectare. A mature wood of large trees may have a density of just 200-300 trees per hectare and still have a complete canopy of leaves. The process of selecting these final trees and eliminating […]

Ring Barking and Felling Licences

I discussed the advantages of ring barking as a means of thinning young woodlands in a previous blog. An interesting point arises when considering Felling Licences in relation to ring- barking. The Forestry Act of 1967 allows up to 5 cubic metres of timber to be felled in each calendar quarter without a licence, any […]

Management of Young Woodlands

Many new broad-leaved woodlands have been planted over the past thirty years with financial help from a variety of Forestry Commission grant schemes.