My hedge is covered in spider webs

Spring 2019 has been notable for the number of reports of web forming caterpillar nests. In early April a farmer near Chatteris rang to tell me that a mixed native hedge which I had planted 3 years earlier had a whole lot of football sized webs and caterpillars were eating the emerging leaves. I told […]

Spotted Flycatchers in New Woodlands

I have just been walking in Bullen’s Wood, a small farm woodland planted in 1989, and was pleased to hear and see a spotted flycatcher. Looking around I could see that this was ideal habitat for flycatchers. The 30 year old trees were generally straight and tall but the woodland has been regularly thinned for […]

Update on Ash Trees in Nursery Wood

Ash die back disease (hereafter called Chalara) was first noted in Nursery Wood (planted Spring 2008) in summer 2014. Infected stems were cut out, new leaders encouraged, and a program of pruning all ash trees up to 2 metres was established (see details in an earlier blog). This management seemed to be working well, previously […]

Planting Elms in the British Countryside

Every young elm tree grown from seed is genetically unique, so these trees should be widely planted throughout the British countryside.

Species for Woodland Planting

When a woodland is planted the choice of species will be critical to the future of that wood

Nursery Wood

Nursery Wood is 1.1 hectares in size. It was planted in 2008, next to my tree nursery that grows native trees and shrubs, to demonstrate best practice in the establishment of multi purpose broadleaved woodland.

Grey Squirrels in Young Woodlands

The damage that grey squirrels can do to young trees has been widely documented and the different methods of control (principally shooting and trapping) have also been discussed. My observations in a small mixed woodland point to a silvicultural solution to the problems of squirrel damage to young trees. Nursery Wood was planted in 2008 […]

Alternative Countryside Hedges

A 21st century hedge does not need to be stockproof, but it needs to be the best for wildlife and to look good.

RFS Excellence in Forestry Award

We are proud to say that our Nursery Wood has won the Gold Award in the 2017 Royal Forestry Society Excellence in Forestry competition. The Awards ceremony took place at Grimsthorpe Park on 14th July.

Protected: Planting New Countryside Hedges

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